AutoVent Automatic Shelter Vent Kit

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  • AutoVent Automatic Shelter Vent Kit
  • AutoVent Automatic Shelter Vent Kit
  • AutoVent Automatic Shelter Vent Kit


  • Keep your shelter cool and dry with AutoVent,™ the ultimate ventilation system for your shelter. Vent automatically opens and closes based upon interior temperature.
  • Reduce humidity and moisture buildup in your fabric garage or shelter.
  • A bimetallic spring, which is heat sensitive, begins to open the vent at 74°F. The vent is fully opened at 104°F. When the interior temperature cools down, the vent begins to close up.
  • Easy installation with 2-sided plastic pop rivets for an airtight seal.
  • Vents are screened to keep out insects and debris.
  • The perfect quick and affordable ventilation air circulation solution for your fully enclosed shelter.

  • 2 Screened vents and attachment hardware
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    Very good vent kit

    Installed fairly easily!! The screen was the most difficult to install and hold in place while attempting to install the vent. I would think that the screen could be eliminated if they would incorporate it in the manufacture of the outside cover like I have seen on other plastic vents!! It would be so much easier to install!!

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