Pull-Eaze Roll Up Door Kit

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  • Roll Up Kit
  • Pull-Eaze Roll Up Door Kit


  • Pull-Eaze™ Roll-up Door Kit delivers easy one pull access to your shelter.
  • Fits all double-zippered door fabric garages, sheds and shelters. Innovative concept quickly opens doors and stores them neatly when open through a simple pulley system.
  • A bimetallic spring, which is heat sensitive, begins to open the vent at 74°F. The vent is fully opened at 104°F. When the interior temperature cools down, the vent begins to close up.
  • High-quality solid steel roll up pocket pipe keeps cover tight and secure.
  • Marine-grade double wrapped nylon rope and sturdy pulley system with rugged tie down cleat stand up to the elements to get the job done.
  • All triple-zippered doors require (2) Pull-Eaze Roll-up Door Kits per door panel.

  • Roll up pocket pipe
  • Pulleys and hardware
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